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Providing Cash and Management Expertise to Very Early Stage Clean Energy Ventures in San Diego, CA

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EcoElectron Ventures
Investing in Very Early Stage Clean Energy Technologies

EcoElectron Ventures is a seed stage capital investment fund established to commercialize promising clean energy technologies located in Southern California. We provide strategic planning, business management and cash equity to start-up and very early stage companies.

We are a cross between a venture capital (VC) firm and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

  • Like a VC, we provide cash for equity, although at much earlier stages, and will work with you to secure follow-on funding as necessary.
  • Like a CEO, we work with you to do what’s necessary to get the business going and take it to the “next stage,” freeing the innovators to focus on their core competencies, which is usually technology development.
While every situation is different, we often are involved with business formation, intellectual property protection, establishment and management of financial systems, identification of and negotiation with strategic partners and employees, managing the day-to-day business and whatever else is necessary to jump-start a business.

We charge no fees and draw no salaries. We are compensated only with equity.

We are interested in innovative technologies in renewable and clean energy generation, energy conservation, energy efficiency improvements, energy storage and power quality, power transmission innovations, and energy control and communication software (Areas of Interest).

Companies must be in the San Diego region and technologies must be within three years of commercialization (Investment Criteria).
Bergey 10 KW wind turbine. Photo: Bergey Windpower Co, Courtesy NREL Woman in India collects potable water from PV-powered pump. Photo: Ullal, Harin, Central Electronics, Ltd. Courtesy NREL McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) Dish Stirling System. Photo: Sandia National Labs. Courtesy NREL Flame from combustion of hydrogen and methane. Photo: Sandia National Labs. Courtesy NREL
EcoElectron Ventures is seeking to become your partner in the commercial success of your technology.
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