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Providing Cash and Management Expertise to Very Early Stage Clean Energy Ventures in San Diego, CA

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Our Evaluation Process

We start the evaluation of your business or ideas by reviewing your proposal summary. You need to address the key areas of our Proposal Submission guidelines including a description of the product or idea and the market opportunity.

We will contact you within 14 days of your submission and let you know whether or not we are interested in learning more.

If we are interested in your proposal a preliminary due diligence period will ensue during which we will:

  • Investigate your technological claims.
  • Examine the market opportunity.
  • Make basic checks on your history, business structure (if existing) and references.

Upon satisfactory review of these preliminary business issues we will discuss terms of the investment and business relationship.

Upon mutual acceptance of basic terms, we will complete the due diligence process, which for some issues will be in greater depth than the original evaluation period.

The end product will be a due diligence package which includes responses to questions, copies of legal documents and agreements, studies, surveys, etc. This package will also be used to facilitate future fundraising efforts.

When the business and legal due diligence issues have been adequately addressed, we will proceed to have the necessary documents drafted by legal counsel. We find that this whole process takes from two to four months.

Handful of sugarcane residue bagasse. Photo: Warren Gretz. Courtesy NREL Discovery Science Center. Photo: Solar Design Associated, Harvard Massachusetts. Courtesy NREL Soybean powered bus. Photo: National Biodiesel Board (NBB). Courtesy NREL VC-2B corehole, Valles Caldera, NM. Photo: Fraser Goff, Los Alamos National Labs. Courtesy NREL
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