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Providing Cash and Management Expertise to Very Early Stage Clean Energy Ventures in San Diego, CA

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Why would I want to work with EcoElectron Ventures rather
than hire a CEO or find a VC?

Choosing the right partner can be one of the most important business decisions that you make. EcoElectron Ventures can help get your business going by providing the necessary initial cash investment and management expertise for early stage companies like yours. We have listed below these and other benefits you can expect to obtain by selecting EcoElectron Ventures:

  • Very Early Stage Funding – Cash for very early stage enterprises.
  • Conserve Cash - We supply management resources with no cash drain.
  • Focus - We free you up to focus on what you do best.
  • Management - While solid technology is always critical, success is as often determined by an effective strategic plan, defensible products, and most importantly, strong management.
  • Flexibility - We provide as much or as little management time as required for your unique circumstances.
  • Timing – The management you need today is different from what you’ll need after you’ve established a real company. In addition, the “right” CEO is probably out of reach until you have established an operating business. We provide interim management so you don’t end up committing to the “wrong” CEO today. We view ourselves as the first team in an evolutionary process of team building and will play an integral part in locating and attracting the right later stage CEO and in expanding the management team.
  • Milestones - Our goal is to help you achieve the milestones and complete the company building tasks necessary to move your company to a higher valuation with a minimum of investment at today’s valuation.
  • Financial Structure – We will help you set up the correct financial structure the first time so you will be able to attract management and future investors without the need to “fix” mistakes made at the onset of your company formation.
Geothermal power facility, El Centro, CA. Photo: Warren Gretz. Courtesy NREL CNG refueling pump. Photo: Richard Parish. Courtesy NREL The AWT 26 manufactured by Advanced Wind Turbines. Photo: Warren Gretz. Courtesy NREL Handful of sugarcane residue bagasse. Photo: Warren Gretz. Courtesy NREL
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