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Providing Cash and Management Expertise to Very Early Stage Clean Energy Ventures in San Diego, CA

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Our Level of Involvement is Significantly More Hands-On
than Traditional Venture Capitalists

While we recognize that every situation is different and we are quite flexible, we are only interested in opportunities in which we will play an active role.

At the early stage, we supply start-up cash and, typically, the equivalent of an interim CEO (non-salaried, as much as full-time-equivalent).

Items that we would fund can include:

  • Legal expenses associated with starting a business.
  • A salary to the founder(s).
  • Intellectual property protection.
  • Usual business expenses.
  • Limited product development work, although we will normally look for opportunities to leverage our investment with other private funding, strategic partners, and government grants where appropriate.

Services that we may provide include:

  • General management functions including budgeting and accounting, corporate governance, strategic planning and so forth.
  • Assistance with identification of and negotiations with strategic partners and potential employees, contractors, suppliers, government agencies, and customers.
  • Actively serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Securing follow-on financing using our substantial contacts with the local investment community, national energy related venture capital funds and government sources.

VC-2B corehole, Valles Caldera, NM. Photo: Fraser Goff, Los Alamos National Labs. Courtesy NREL McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) Dish Stirling System. Photo: Sandia National Labs. Courtesy NREL Bergey 10 KW wind turbine. Photo: Bergey Windpower Co, Courtesy NREL Flame from combustion of hydrogen and methane. Photo: Sandia National Labs. Courtesy NREL
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