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Providing Cash and Management Expertise to Very Early Stage Clean Energy Ventures in San Diego, CA

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How To Submit a Proposal

We normally expect to receive an Executive Summary no longer than 6 pages, preferably in Word format. If you do not already have an “Executive Summary” use the following template to summarize your ideas, again preferably in Word format, no more than six pages.

Application Template

Contact Information:

  • Name
  • Current Affiliation and Position
  • Address, E-Mail, Telephone

Written Description:

  • Provide a short description of product or invention.
  • Describe the need that exists or problem being solved.
  • Compare your idea or invention with existing products or solutions in terms of performance, reliability and cost.
  • Discuss who the customers will be (i.e., who will pay you for it), how much the product will cost to produce and what price you envision charging. We recognize that much of this discussion will often be speculative at this early stage but also necessary to evaluate the idea as a business.
  • Define where you are in the stage of development (concept, bench scale testing, prototype) and what has been accomplished so far.
  • Identify who has ownership rights in the technology. Note any patent or other intellectual property protection currently in place or pending. If not patented,
  • discuss how the intellectual property will be protected.
  • If you have formed a company explain its history and specify all prior financing (e.g., founders’ cash, investors, grants, in-kind from 3rd parties) in the development of this product or product idea.
  • Provide detailed background information on all founders and employees and anyone else that you have identified to be involved in the development of your technology.

Please Note:

  • Do not send us proprietary information.
  • We do not sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in the early stages of due diligence, and only in extraordinary circumstances after that.

If you are concerned about disclosure, let us tell you what we tell other inventors:

It is important to protect your intellectual property. But you will find that many experienced investors strongly resist signing NDA’s. We see many business plans and we can’t sign an NDA for all of them. We generally feel that your idea must either be protected by a patent or patent application (even if preliminary), or it must be very hard to duplicate. Anything else implies that you will have a problem when you start to sell product.

E-mail your Executive Summary or proposal to and/or send a hard copy to the following address (we would prefer an emailed attachment):

Josh Lampl
EcoElectron Ventures
1106 Second Street, PMB 212
Encinitas, CA 92024

We will let you know within 14 days whether or not we have an interest in learning more.

Thank you for taking the time to submit a proposal for our consideration.

Geothermal power facility, El Centro, CA. Photo: Warren Gretz. Courtesy NREL The AWT 26 manufactured by Advanced Wind Turbines. Photo: Warren Gretz. Courtesy NREL Handful of sugarcane residue bagasse. Photo: Warren Gretz. Courtesy NREL Discovery Science Center. Photo: Solar Design Associated, Harvard Massachusetts. Courtesy NREL
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