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Providing Cash and Management Expertise to Very Early Stage Clean Energy Ventures in San Diego, CA

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Please Review Our Unique Investment Criteria Carefully

 Areas of Interest

We are interested in innovative technologies in renewable and clean energy generation, energy conservation, energy efficiency improvements, energy storage and power quality, power transmission innovations, and energy control and communication software (Areas of Interest).

Investment Size

Typical initial cash investment ranges from $150,000 to $500,000 of committed capital, not including our time. We would normally be the first outside source of funding, and think of ourselves as partners in the enterprise rather than just financial investors.

Geographic Focus

Due to our active participation, we are only interested in San Diego based entrepreneurs, technologists, and companies (or willing to relocate to the San Diego region).

Stage of Development

Product ideas and technologies must be commercializeable within three years. Businesses and technologies can be early stage, and we will get involved with companies doing product development, but we will not fund basic research and development.


EcoElectron Ventures is committed to the success of its partner companies though the 3 to 7 year period that is typically needed to create an attractive exit opportunity.

If you feel you meet the above criteria, please determine whether you fit into one of our Areas of Interest.

Soybean powered bus. Photo: National Biodiesel Board (NBB). Courtesy NREL VC-2B corehole, Valles Caldera, NM. Photo: Fraser Goff, Los Alamos National Labs. Courtesy NREL McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) Dish Stirling System. Photo: Sandia National Labs. Courtesy NREL Bergey 10 KW wind turbine. Photo: Bergey Windpower Co, Courtesy NREL
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